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Pard NV007 Scope Holder Tube Replacement Night Vision Kit · Eagle Vision USH-46

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This unit is designed to replace the pard NV007 tube.

The USH-46 goes over the scope eye relief then needs a minimum of 20mm, and a maximum of 45mm.

This unit can be connected to 99% of the scopes from eye relief outer with dimensions of 40mm to 46.5mm and it will find the center automatically while you are tightening it.


Total length: 69mm
Our pard ring length: 24mm
Made of aluminum.

Package includes:

1 x Universal scope holder USH-46
1 x pard Adaptor ring PR-007
1 x Storage case
1 x Silicon grease tube

Please note:

The pard 007 is not included.

Setup instructions:

1. Have the 007 & EVC adapter connected, then slip them over the eyebell and tighten almost fully.

2. Digitally zoom-in the 007 to ×3.5, look through it and manipulate the 007 until the reticle on-screen is centered both horizontally and vertically.

3. Now fully tighten the EVC adapter.

…it can still pivot slightly, with the multiple ‘fingers’ of the adjustable collet acting like a slightly malleable ball-joint, for fine-tuning.

4. Now back-off the zoom to 0x and you have a perfectly centered 007/scope setup.

Please note:

This unit will not work on any scopes with shorter ocular less than 25mm between the end of the ocular and the reticle illumination control.

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Pard NV007 Scope Holder Tube Replacement Night Vision Kit · Eagle Vision USH-46


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