HP Semi-auto Carbine
HP Semi-auto Carbine

HP Semi-auto Carbine

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Note: We ensure that all airguns are set to the appropriate power level for the country they are being sent to (7, 10, 16, 20, 24 Joules, or FAC).

HP Series
High-performance for a low price.

If you choose a PCP air gun, It should be very accurate at least 50 yards (46 meters). Our HP Series has the most competitive performance-price ratio. In this range of prices, the performance of our HP Series is peerless. Although the price is low, the quality of the materials and CNC machines used for the production of these airguns are the best available in the market. We use high-quality aviation aluminum and a hard anodizing finishing.
Our high standards lead to excellent accuracy and reliability.

Data sheet:

  • Magazine:
    .22 12 shots · 12 rounds
    .25 10 shots · 10 rounds
  • Barrel length: 330mm (13")
  • Total length: 829mm (32,6") - The length of the butt is adjustable
  • Total length folded: 600mm (23,6")
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Shroud with suppressor included
  • Filling pressure: 3600 psi (250 BAR)
  • Working pressure: 3600 psi to 1500 psi (250 BAR to 100 BAR)
  • Takedown folding stock
  • Aluminum bottle volume: 300cc
  • Weight with aluminum bottle6,5 lbs (3 Kg)
  • Wolfiek Group Accuracy

Inside the box:

  • x1 Airgun
  • x1 Fill probe
  • x2 Magazines
  • User manual

Note: Magazines have a limited life based on their use, and for that reason, they are not covered under warranty. It's good to know that magazines are relatively inexpensive.


    AEA semi auto airguns require at least a 30 Joules configuration to cycle and effectively become semi-auto airguns.

    When set to a lower power, these airguns cannot function in semi-auto and require the user to manually operate the bolt after each shot.

    For this reason, when set to < 30Joules, AEA airguns that would normally be semi-auto become repeater airguns. This makes them legal under UK standards.